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        What is Wig Ventilating?

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        What is Wig Ventilating?

        What Is Wig Ventilating?

        Posted by qdpremierwigs on Mar.24th.

        The wig ventilating method incorporates a process similar to making a latch-hook rug. Using a ventilating hook, the wig maker ties strands of hair to a wig foundation. This method of wig-making dates back to King Louis XVI, who wore a wig to disguise his hair loss. Wigs are still made using this process, perhaps because it produces the most natural-looking result. Ventilating Materials
        Creating a wig begins with the foundation, which is a cap-like structure designed to snugly fit the head. Foundations are usually made from some combination of nylon and cotton lace. The hair is then woven into the foundation a few strands at a time using a metal ventilating hook. For the most natural results, human hair is used. Synthetic hair is made with plastic polymers, so can be unnaturally shiny. It’s also difficult to create a wig that has a natural-looking part when using synthetic hair.
        Ventilating Process
        Using only a few strands at a time, the wigmaker draws the hair through the wig foundation with the ventilating hook. The hair is then kept in place by tying a small knot. To make a believable wig, this process will be repeated as many as 40,000 times. Around the edges of the wig, to re-create a believable hairline, the wigmaker will use only a single strand of hair in the ventilating process. The creator of the wig will use a variety of hair colors for subtle differences in shading.
        The less artful way to create lace wigs is by using a method called wefting. In this process, machines are used to sew swatches of hair onto the foundation. The lack of delicacy of this process leads to a bushier hairpiece, with no natural part, but a wig produced by this method will be less expensive. Mass-produced “fashion” wigs are made using wefting.
        More Tips for Natural Wigs
        The most natural-looking wigs are a result of tailoring the hairpiece to a specific person’s measurements. The better the wig fits, the more organic the presentation. Although wigs made from the ventilation process are the most believable-looking, a machine-made wig can be made to appear more natural when a strip of mesh is attached to the hairline, consisting of hairs that have been individually woven through using the ventilation method.

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