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        How to Select the Density for Your Wigs

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        How to Select the density for Your Wigs
        Posted by Tony Zhang | Filed under QPREMIERWIGS
        Hair density is generally referring to the thickness of the hair. For your custom wigs,the density you want for the various portion of the wig is your personal choice. Most would want to normal appearance from light to medium density, however, it will depend on the styling preference you have in your mind. Every man and woman has their hair grows naturally differently. The hair can be light around the hairline while thick in the middle of the head. For some individuals, their hair can be rather thick even along the hairline. Let’s look at some of the popular choices with regards to densities of the wigs on the market. 1) Light density. This is the density that is about 50%-80% thick over the heard. It is suitable for individuals who do not have good volume or thickness of hair. It is popular among the elderly women. 2) Light to medium. This is approximately 100% thickness across the entire head. This is the most popular option for many custom lace wigs. This can be the most natural looking and are recommended by many hair stylists. 3) Heavy. This constitutes 150% thickness on the head. This is also rather naturally looking and favored by many women today. When you apply the wigs, do be careful not to hurt it. You can use either liquid or tape adhesive for the job. Once you are done attaching the lace wigs, do organize it according to the hairline and style accordingly. So pick up certain density for your wig as the below pictures.

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