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        How to apply feather hair extension

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        How to apply feather hair extension

        How to apply feather hair extension
        What you need are:
        1.feather hair extensions
        2.Needle nose pliers
        3.Hair hook
        4.Micro links
        1). Take a micro link and put it through the hair hook. Choose where you want your feathers to be and grab a few pieces of hair. Loop the hair hook into the pieces you chose.
        2). Slide the micro link upward toward the hair hook near the roots of the hair. Slide the tip of the feathers through the micro link and strands of hair.
        3). Make sure to hold your feathers, micro link, and hair in place. Then take the pliers and clamp down on the micro link. 4). Trim feathers to desired length.
        5). When you want to take out your feathers, find the micro link and clamp it in the opposite direction with the pliers. This will open the micro link so you can take it out of your hair, along with the feathers.

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