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        Full lace wigs FAQs

        Hair Care Instructions


        1.Keep the hair clean. We suggest that you wash the hair at least once or twice a week with warm or cold water. Please wash the hair immediately after swimming, spa, exercise, and etc. When dirt and sweat accumulate, hair tangles. Too much leave-in conditioners and other hair care products will create a build up on the hair and will cause it to tangle faster. If the hair feels dry or heavy with build up, wash it with good shampoo & conditioner.

        2. Before washing the hair, spray mixture of conditioner and water and brush the hair from bottom up. You must gradually wet the hair down and brush it gently before you completely wash the hair. If the hair is very dry and a lot of water is added at once, hair will swell up like sponge and tangle! Therefore, it is important to gradually wet the hair and brush it.

        3. After wetting the hair, add shampoo and conditioner and brush thoroughly. Be sure to wash and brush the hair in one direction. Rinse the hair completely with water and towel dry. It is best to air dry the hair but you can also blow-dry with low to medium heat.

        4. Make sure you brush the hair daily and apply some leave-in conditioners so that the hair is soft and moist. A good leave-in hair treatment can keep the hair from drying. But remember not to put too much otherwise there will be a build up and make the hair feel too heavy. If the hair feels too dry or heavy with too much hair care products, you should wash the hair completely by following steps 2 and 3.

        5. When swimming, always wear a cap to prevent prolong exposure to chlorine or salt water which causes the hair to tangle. Always wash the hair right away with shampoo and conditioner after swimming in both types of water. When going to the spa, the hair should be brushed out completely and should be wrapped in a cold wet towel.

        6. Make couple of big braids when going to sleep, swim, or exercise (please untangle the hair before making the braids). NEVER SLEEP ON WET HAIR. Make sure the hair is completely dry before going to bed.

        7. You can also make a leave-in conditioner at home by diluting conditioner (10%) with water (90%). Apply the mixture lightly onto your hair and brush the hair from the end to the top near the scalp. Although it is important to apply leave-in conditioners to keep the hair from dryness, it is important to keep the hair clean by washing the hair about twice a week so that it will not create a build up.

        8. It would be advisable NOT TO TINT, COLOR, PERM OR DO ANY EXTRA CHEMICAL PROCESSES because it has already been treated. Please be extra careful with blonde and other light colored hair. They are more chemically processed than the dark hair. Therefore, we will not be responsible for the outcome.

        9. Please check the hair before you use the hair. Be certain that the hair texture, color, length, and quality are what you want. We will not be responsible for the hair if it is not in original condition. For the WET & WAVE hair such as the French Refined and the European Wave, you may test the curl by wetting a small portion away from the rest. Place the hair on a desk, pull a small portion away from the rest, spray some water, and let it soak for about 15 seconds. Hold the top of the hair while it is on the desk and gently brush the wet portion from the bottom and watch it wave. Towel dry and scrunch it to wave up more.

        10. Some hair comes out form the wefts easier than others (e.g. silky hair). In cases like this, you may glue or reinforce the weft before putting it on.

        What are the differences between Swiss and French lace?
        French lace is more durable than Swiss lace and it is best for new wearers. It is thin, delicate, and natural looking. Swiss lace is the most undetectable of the laces, but the most fragile. This is best for experienced wearers. Swiss lace is fragile and requires skill to be handled and may be torn easily.

        How to Attach a Full Lace Wig

        1. Prep your hair, by creating a flat surface for the wig to sit on. You can braid your hair down, or apply a wig liner.
        2. Fit the wig on your head, and evaluate how and where you would like the hairline. The goal is to find where the hairline will look most natural.
        3. Gradually starting trimming the excess lace, the goal here is to create your hairline, only cut small amounts off at a time.
        4. After you have created your hairline, apply adhesive to the hairline, so it can stay on your head.
        5. The finished hairline should look totally natural, as if the hair were actually growing from your head.


        How to Remove the Full Lace Wig

        1. Put all hair up into a ponytail, so you won’t get adhesive on the hair.
        2. Apply the lace adhesive remover to the adhesive around perimeter of hairline.
        3. Gradually remove the lace, be care not to pull at the lace, Remove slowly.
        4. After you have removed the lace, there may be some residue left on the unit, you should shampoo the unit, and with a towel, delicately scrub the residue away.
        5. You should let the unit dry naturally or you can style the unit, how you would normally style your natural hair.


        what kind of Glue or tape should I choose ?

        A:if you want a 1-6 week hold ,you will want to purchase the Ultra Hold glue or the Safe Grip Wig Glue. For a 1-10 day hold the Minty Titer is best . Some prefer the ease of rolling on tape adhesive. Or use glue in front hair line and tape in the back.


        Will the glues and tapes break my skin out ?

        A:Just like any other new products that you may use ,we do recommend that you do a skin test of you are prone to irritation or have sensitive skin .98%of customer has no problem with the glue or tape .If you have a sensitive skin,you may want to start out with the Spirit Gum or Hollister’s Medical Adhesive.


        I have sensitive skin ,which glue should I use ?

        A:If you have a sensitive skin,you should start out with the Spirit Gum .You can also try the Hollister Medical Adhesive .Also just like any other new product that you may use,we do recommend that you do a skin test of you are prone to irritation or have sensitive skin.


        About Hair Source

        Q: What's African Hair?

        A: High quality human hair which is harvested from a person of African ancestry. Very Rare!

        Q: What's Virgin Hair?

        A: It is the hair which cut from one donor directly, and it has never been any processed by Chemically. It is in very top quality.

        Q: What's Baby Hair?

        A: Body Hair is a few shorter strands of hair added around the edges of the wig to help the hairline appear more natural.

        Q: What's Remy Hair, Virgin Hair?

        A: Human hair collected directly from only one hair donor is Remy Hair. It's sometimes referred to as Cut Hair. The majority of human hair sold in the industry is non-Virgin hair. The hair cuticle has been stripped by using an acid-bath. With Virgin Hair we do this so the hair cuticle is intact, therefore the hair is stronger.

        Q: Should I select Virgin Hair for my lace wigs?

        A: If you want color the hair yourself, the Virgin Hair is the best choice for you.

        Q: What is the life length of my lace wig?

        A: That depends on how you maintain it, the better maintenance you take, the longer life will be. Generally, Lace wigs will last six months to eight month or longer.

        Q: What is the best hair length for me?

        A: Length is entirely at your discretion. We can create hair lengths up to 28 inches and as short as 6 inches on lace front wigs, full lace wigs, thin skin wigs.

        Q: What is hair density and how do I choose which one is right for me?

        A: Hair density is simply how many hairs are added to your hair system base. In earlier years, high density was necessary because the base materials were usually made of thicker materials and would be easily exposed if hair density were low.

        More recently, with the advance of thinner base materials such as lace and thin skin, low density tends to look more natural especially with the see through look along the hairlines. You can chose different hair density in different areas of the base. We generally recommend light density at the hairline and crown gradually increasing to medium density then medium density throughout the lace wig (blended well).

        Q: What's curl pattern?

        A: The hair curling onto a pipe whose diameter is the opposite numeral after a technology fashions the curl pattern.

        Q: What's a right shampoo for Asian Hair?

        A: Shampoos that have 5.0 to 5.5 pH levels are more suitable than the harsh 7 to 9 pH which most drugstore shampoos are.

        Q: Where to buy best quality Full Lace Wigs?

        A: You can buy Full Lace Wigs From China Hair Mall. China Hair Mall is the official online store of Qingdao Jiaozhou Hair Products Association. They have many kinds of wigs and hair weave, Lace Clousre etc.You can click the link to check their wigs: full lace wigs, lace front wigs


        About Knots


        Q: What's single knots?

        A: Single Knots are considered the best method of knotting producing a tiny knot for each individual hand-tied hair. Two or three individual hairs can be single knotted at one time speeding up the process to the detrimental of creating a larger knot with less aesthetically pleasing finish.

        Q: What's double knots?

        A: Double knots literally involve knotting hair twice to produce a double knot which provides a stronger, more robust knot. The resultant knots are however even more visible under close inspection. It's easy to detect, but not easy to shed.

        Q: Are double knots better than single knots?

        A: Single Knots are hard to detect, but easy to shed, by contrast, Double Knots are hard to shed, but easy to detect. As to the advantages and the disadvantages of the two kinds of knots, we recommend single knots in front hairline 2 inches or around perimeter 2 inches.

        Q: What's Reverse Triple Knots (Hidden Knots)?

        A: It means the knots are hidden under the inside mesh( It has two pieces of mesh), and completely invisible, giving the impression the hair is growing out of the scalp. It is the best method to hidden the knots at present. But the procedure of processing is very complete, regularly needs 40 - 45 days to complete.

        Q: What's Bleached Knots?

        A: Bleaching the knots is just meant to make the knots less detectable. They won’t be clear or totally invisible. The bleached hair will help to hide the knots in about 1/4 – 1/2 inch fronts. It is a method of making the hair appears as if it is growing from the scalp. It gives a realistic view effect. If the original hair color is Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown or Brown, then knots that hold the hair onto the base will be slightly lighter and will be much less visible. Bleached knots, usually only done at the lace front and it helps create the illusion that your hair is growing out of your head.

        If you want to apply bleached knots, you should bleach the hair knots in front hairline 2 inches or around perimeter 2 inches, throughout will make the hair to shed easily. The bleached knots can also be bleached in an area of the unit that is poly coated. Depending on your hair color, the bleached knots will be light brown or blonde.

        Q: What's the advantage and disadvantage of Bleached Knots?

        A: The knots will be smaller after bleaching, but it’s bad to the hair quality and it will be easy to shed.