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        Service Support

        Reputation is more important than sales volume
        Quality is the essence of a product, so as reputation to a business. A product should be deemed as acceptable only when it satisfies the customer very well. The point of marketing is buying rather than selling, that is, securing customer loyalty by building good reputation in the process of selling.

        Customer is always right
        In 1995, Premier Wigs put forth the concept of “Star Service” based on the principle that customer is always right. Our business relies on customers for success. The business is successful only when the customers are satisfied that.

        Challenge is the drive of innovation
        To create a market means to discover potential profitable opportunities while covering a market share as large as possible in the existing market. A successful business is the one that is good at making “new cakes” and set the trend of human hair market.

        Build good reputation
        To build good reputation is to keep a close eye on changes and take proactive actions to satisfy customer needs and exceed customer expectations.

        A complaint lodged by customer is the most precious gift
        What a customer is complaining about is what needs to be improved. Only when these complaints are properly handled is the business benefited.
        It is comfort rather than product that the customer is interested in.
        When making a buying decision, the customer is focusing on convenience and comfort coming with the product. When his/her expectation can’t be satisfied, complaints are unavoidable. A complaint lodged by customer is the most precious gift.
        Only when these complaints are properly handled is the business benefited. In a limited sense, the assets of a business are composed of its buildings, equipment and funds. However, in a broad sense, the permanent property of a business is customer loyalty. The more loyal customers you have, the greater the assets. Otherwise, assets will turn into liabilities and the business will go insolvent.
        In this information era, customers are likely to shift. Customer retention is about how to understand and satisfy personalized needs. For this purpose a work environment facilitating innovations should be maintained corporate-wide. Employee loyalty will in turn bring about customer loyalty required for sustainable growth and contribution to the community.

        The aim of our work is your satisfaction
        At Premier Wigs, a acceptable product is not necessarily a qualified product. Only products of customer satisfaction are qualified. Products fail to meet customer needs are of little marketability and thus of little profitability. Therefore, the yardstick used to measure the performance is customer satisfaction. Never say “No” to customers.